Words: Life During Wartime

As everyone raced to create their pandemic project, I questioned what I could say. Journalistic tendencies, social or personal are not my forte. Every nuance was being covered minute by minute on every social platform. A friend invited me to take a trip and so I went. Later I went on another, then another, visiting family and friends and seeing what the world looked and felt like. It looked pretty much the same; except people wore masks (sometimes) and roads and streets were occasionally emptier than I remembered or expected but not radically different. In the end I thought to just document the smaller moments in between the histrionics of the day. I tried new things, old things and things inbetween. I sought to create a survey instead of a capital "P" project. Utilizing different formats and techniques I sought to crack open the space between images, how they look, how they feel and how they work together. In some sense I traveled and found them and worked to see if I could give them their autonomy, away from myself though always borne within my third eye. Perhaps I want to speak "collective" more than "I" to the zeitgest of a time without meaning. As we wind away through our fake news, idols and tweets; I just let the things that were in front of me...be. Not a revolution, but I know it's going to be alright. Don't you know it's going to be? Until it's not.